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Quentz Bilingual Preschool provides a premium licensed environment in which students are able to learn a variety of skills in order to ensure a smooth transition from home to school, specifically helping students prepare for kindergarten and beyond. We emphasize individual attention and keep a low student teacher ratio of 4 to 1.

At Quentz Bilingual Preschool, we establish the following:

  • Rigorous, unique and enhanced preschool curriculum

        Being academically prepared:

    • Individualized curriculum to help each student learn at his/her own pace
    • The non-traditional teaching method “learning by doing” is applied to keep kids engaged and active the entire time
    • Comprehensive preschool curriculum such as shapes, colors, letters, numbers, etc.
    • Reading and writing emphasis
    • Fine motor skills through a variety of hands-on projects
    • STEM education facility with many math and science activities

         Staying and becoming physically fit:

    • As a certified Wellness Champion Program by YMCA, we offer well-designed age appropriate physical activities and equipment to help kids physically fit but also have fun.
    • Field trips
    • Good nutritious eating habits. Healthy meals and snacks provided free of charge.

         Becoming well-rounded students:

    • Emphasis on learning social skills in order for students to communicate and respect others well
    • Carefully designed curriculum to build self-confidence
    • At Quentz, students are taught that every point is a learning point. Self-motivation and leadership are encouraged from a young age.
  • Language immersion program
    • A choice of Mandarin Chinese or German language, two of the hardest languages in the world
    • Learning a language at a younger age results in better linguistics, better cognitive skills and better problem solving and critical thinking skills for students
    • Cultural enrichment benefits and cultural exposure such that kids are more accepting of a diverse society


Full-time or part-time options for preschool students:

  • M-F 8:30am-6pm (very limited space)
  • M-F 8:30am-1:30pm
  • M-F 8:30am-11:50am
  • Less than 5 days/week


Requirements for enrollment include your child’s yellow State of California immunization record and a Physician report signed by his/her’s physician. If interested, please fill out the “Arrange a visit” form.


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Feeding Fish
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