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How does Tutoring Connect work

  1. Parents fill out the form to request tutoring for their child in a certain subject.
  2. Our program matches parents' request with the correct tutors in our database.
  3. An email is sent to parents with a list of tutors for the requested subject, including tutors' names, their bio, their prices and contact info.
  4. Parents select the tutor/s from the list and negotiate the fees directly with the tutor/s.

Tutoring Connect is a free service to both parents and tutors. This service connects students with tutors. Tutoring fees are not determined by Tutoring Connect, neither does Tutoring Connect take any portion of it.


Email tutor@quentz.org for questions and comments.


Disclosure: Tutoring Connect is developed by the software team at Quentz Bilingual Academy, but is an independent service from Quentz Bilingual.